Code of ethics



For over a century, the Amis du Centre Pompidou have contributed to the enrichment and enhancement of the collections of the Musée National d'Art Moderne.

By becoming a member of the Amis du Centre Pompidou, one gains privileged access to key players in the world of modern and contemporary art.

As such, upon joining, members agree to abide by the rules of the Ethics Charter of the Amis du Centre Pompidou and to conduct themselves in a way that is aligned with the founding values of a philanthropic organization.

- Each member commits to not divulge any personal details and maintain the confidentiality of all exchanges that one becomes aware of or participates in the course of their membership.

- Each member expressly commits to not use one's membership in order to profit directly or indirectly from one's commitments outside the association or for one’s personal or professional interests.

- Each member commits to take appropriate measures to ensure and guarantee that the sums paid to the association (membership fees, donations, bequests) do not give rise to any doubts as to their legality, provenance or origin. The association reserves the right to refuse any sum it deems suspect.

- Each member commits to not express themselves in the name of or on behalf of the association nor to mention the association without its express written permission on any topical subjects be they political, philosophical, societal or religious, etc., either orally or in writing (personal or professional social media platforms, discussion forums, other exchange type platforms, blogs or any other method of communication).

Members of the Amis du Centre Pompidou wishing to join an Acquisition group, the International Circle or Mission Recherche group who have a commercial activity in the art world are asked to inform the association's board of directors.

The members of the Amis du Centre Pompidou commit to abide by this ethics charter. Should they fail to do so, the Société des Amis du Centre Pompidou reserves the right to terminate membership.