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And contribute to the material and immaterial valorisation of the collections
Mission Recherche
Special projects

The association of the Amis du Centre Pompidou aims to enrich the collections of the Musée National d'Art Moderne. 

In accomplishing its mission, research plays a key role. It enables the development of knowledge in service to the tangible and intangible valorisation of the collection,
 with three main objectives: 

  •   Expand the knowledge of the national collection 
  • Identify the lacks in the collection and undertake projects oriented towards acquisition prospects
  • Ensure the transmission of artworks to future generations, thanks to restoration 

Supporting research through three complementary research programmes:
Mission Recherche

Its purpose is to finance research projects of major interest for the national collections, oriented towards acquisition prospects.

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Art Brut

With the donation of Bruno Decharme, the Centre Pompidou's collection has become an international reference for Art Brut. By supporting the Art Brut research programme, you are making a lasting commitment to the development of knowledge about Art Brut artists and the history of art within a museum institution.

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Special projects

Special projects are long-term projects that allow for the in-depth development of priority research areas for the Museum, on strategic themes, within dedicated partnerships.

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