International Circle - MENA

The IC-MENA (Middle East North Africa) is the only acquisition committee in France dedicated to the enrichment of modern and contemporary collections through the works of artists coming from the region of the Middle East and Northern Africa.
Its members enjoy:
- Putting their points of view, experiences and personal perspectives into dialog with those of the curators in order to acquire the Middle-Eastern and Northern Africa artists of tomorrow
- Being agents of change in mentalities and perceptions through the representation of Middle-Eastern and North African artists in the national collections.
- Meeting two times annually (in the United Arab Emirates and in Europe)* between Friends in order to exchange ideas and collectively assemble a well-constructed and relevant collection sensitive to the important issues in the Middle East/North Africa

These advantages are designed in a hybrid way, they will be offered in physical or virtual format, depending on the context.

*Conditional to the sanitary context

The benefits

Attribution of your donation by vote during the IC-MENA acquisition meeting
Active contribution to the Museum’s acquisition strategy through meetings with the referent curators of the IC-MENA
Privileged contacts with the Museum Director and the curatorial team
Invitations to two international study trips in the company of the Museum director or a member of the curatorial team*
Annual schedule of international events including some fifteen yearly meetings: receptions, Fair walkthroughs, museum exhibitions, private collections and artists’ studios visits*
Privileged access to the Centre Pompidou outside the museum’s opening hours by appointment with the Friends’ team*
Private Curator-led English visits of the Centre Pompidou’s exhibitions
Bimonthly program of cultural visits organized in Paris*
Participation in cultural outings and trips in France (visits to exhibitions with the curators, encounters with artists and cultural figures from the region)*
Unlimited and priority access to the Centre Pompidou (one and two duo passes)
Complimentary catalogues of major exhibitions organized by the Centre Pompidou (four per year)
VIP Passes to major International Contemporary Art Fairs*
Personal invitations to the pre-openings of the Centre Pompidou for two*

As well as the additional benefits at the Centre Pompidou

Free and privileged access to the Centre Pompidou’s programming for selected events (workshops, lectures, meetings with artists and evenings at the Museum)
Free Film Screenings at the Centre Pompidou and the BPI, except Cinéma du Reel
Reduced entry fee for all shows, children & family workshops, and “Face aux Oeuvres” cycles
5% off at the Centre Pompidou gift shop, and 10% off on the online store (excluding books)