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Thu Van Tran

In company of Curator Alicia Knock

Thu Van Tran, born in 1979 in Ho Chi Minh City, drew on her own experience as a Vietnamese women living in France to explore the question of physical and cultural displacement, especially through episodes in colonial history.
For “24 hours in Hanoï” she conceived an unusual metaphor inspired by the spirit of the eighty-two wise turtles, the guardians of Vietnam’s poetic and scholarly heritage, located in Hanoi’s Temple of Literature. Here, as in all of her work, she introduces aesthetic experience as a modality of a possible rereading of history ; wonderment as a counterpoint to violence. In 2018, a set of her works entered the collections of the Mnam-Centre Pompidou. She has also been selected among four finalists for the coveted Marcel Duchamp Prize the same year.

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Wednesday, 15 May 2019