Teo Hernández
Teo Hernández, La Tour Montparnasse avec Jakobois, Fonds Teo Hernández (1983), Centre Pompidou/MNAM/ CCI - Bibliothèque Kandinsky
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Teo Hernández: Shatter appearances

In company of Curator Andrea Ancira

Villa Vassilieff – Pernod Ricard Fellowship part­ners with Centre Pompidou to open an exhi­bi­tion ded­i­cated to the Mexican film­maker Teo Hernández. Teo Hernández’s films remind us that the sub­ver­sive power of the image does not derive from its capacity to reflect or repro­duce reality but rather from its power to summon a deeper knowl­edge or extrasen­sory per­cep­tion, like a ritual or a mag­ical expe­ri­ence. Similar to shamanism, Hernández’s cin­e­mato­graphic tech­nique explores other ways of seeing, hearing, and ulti­mately other bodies that may pro­voke another way to feel, to re-create and to re-write the world. In that effect, by desta­bi­lizing the fun­da­men­tals of the camera lens, and the nar­ra­tive, among other ele­ments of film lan­guage, Teo Hernández ques­tions not only his indi­vidual and artistic iden­tity, but also the func­tion of cinema itself.

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Wednesday, 13 February 2019
Villa Vassilieff