Vincent Meessen
Vincent Meessen, "Index", 2016 et Issa Samb, "Portrait d’Omar Blondin Diop", non daté. Vue de l’exposition « Sire, je suis de l’ôtre pays », WIELS, 2016 @Sven Laurent.
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Latiff Mohidin + Vincent Meessen

03:15 pm: Latiff Mohidin exhibition. Visit led by Curator Catherine David.

Latiff Mohidin (b. 1941) is a major painter and poet in Malaysia. The exhibition presents the artist’s formative period during the 1960s, when he travelled to Europe and South-east Asia. Pago-Pago – the title of a series of well-known works – is an invented formula evoking the awareness born of these journeys. It refers to a way of thinking and working that attempted to complexify Western modernism, opening the way to the construction of symbolic forms and dialogues with other avant-garde thinkers in South-east Asia.

04:00 pm: Vincent Meessen exhibition. Visit led by the Artist.

Over the last fifteen years or so, Vincent Meessen (b. Baltimore, US, 1971) has been developing a body of works at the boundary between the fields of art and research. In mobilising signs, images and hidden narratives in new narratives, his works offer a contemporary reanimation of history both poetic and polemical, through different media such as video, the printed image and sound. The historical document is always subjected to the test of the present, often returned to its original geographical context.

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Friday, 11 May 2018
Centre Pompidou