Le Fil d’Alerte © Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard
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Fondation d’entreprise Ricard Prize

Since 1999, the Ricard Foundation has been honouring a young emerging artist from the French scene. This year, Claire Le Restif has been chosen to curate the Foundation’s 21st award to one of the nominated artists : Marcos Avila Forero (1983), Eva Barto (1987), Simon Boudvin (1979), Corentin Canesson (1988), Gaëlle Choisne (1985), Kapwani Kiwanga (1978), Paul Maheke (1985), Estefania Penafiel-Loaiza (1978), Sarah Tritz (1980). The exhibition “Le Fil d’Alerte” offers a temporary cohabitation of the work of these 13 artists and should be a choral exhibition (stemming from a spiral vision) that establishes “community”. This year again, the award recipient will see their work exhibited at the Centre Pompidou and join our collection.