Family Morning #1
Visuel La Fabrique (c) anouckBoirobert-LouisRigaud-helieum-2014
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Family Morning #1

Twice a year, the Centre Pompidou is yours! Come bring your family on Saturday mornings, before the museum opens to the public, participate in activities dedicated to your children and visit the Museum in all tranquility.

For the Galerie des enfants, the French artist Claude Closky imagined an interactive device around the image, inviting children and adults to become actors and spectators, on a large screen are projected simple and free forms. With small gestures, children produce great effects and bring out new images. The screen becomes hypnotic, invaded by ephemeral and poetic compositions. The digital manipulation of these forms gives young people the opportunity to discover a visual language.

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Saturday, 26 May 2018
Centre Pompidou