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Emmaus, le tour d’un monde

For its anniversary, the Mouvement de l’abbé Pierre has entrusted the French photographer and visual artist Nicolas Henry with the creation of an immersive and ephemeral exhibition, which combines photography and artistic installation. For four months, Nicolas Henry met the people accompanied by the Emmaus communities and structures and offered them to join him in his workshop in Pantin for some unique shots. With a long work of staging, recovering objects and fabrics, this outstanding visual artist has created unique universes for each of these subjects. All it took was a word, a formula or an anecdote to make him imagine a life situation and poetize it by materializing it in his work. The shooting is like a flyover, a dream vision with a camera placed at a height of 8 meters, while the protagonists are lying in the middle of the personalized setting.

Wednesday, 23 October 2019
Place du Palais Royale