L'atelier sans fin
Serban Savu, The Waiting Room, 2016, Courtesy GaleriA Plan B, Cluj/Berlin
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Ciprian Muresan and Serban Savu – The Endless Workshop

In company of Curator Frédéric Paul

Ciprian Muresan and Serban Savu were both guests of Brancusi’s studio and open this Cycle in a dialogue under the benevolent eye of the modern master, whose drawings and photos are interspersed with the artists’ works in the Galerie Zéro. The juxtaposition is deliberate here and testifies to these artists’ lively perception of what a museum should always be, i.e. a workshop, a laboratory, an observatory, a lever, a revealer and an echo chamber. In this regard, the Brancusi Studio cum museum becomes a sanctuary, the beating heart of modernity which is both a legacy and a living, ongoing project.

Monday, 1 April 2019
Atelier Brancusi