In company of Director Elsa Janssen

Collectors  will be invited in the intimacy of a private mansion of Paris’ first arrondissement to discover 14 contemporary approaches to the photography medium : David de Beyter (Cédric Bacqueville Gallery), Juliana Borinski, Marie Clerel (Binome Gallery), Marianne Csaky (Inda Gallery), Erik Dietman (Papillon Gallery), Bruno Fontana (Petits carreaux Gallery), Emmanuelle Fructus (un livre une image), Vittoria Gerardi (Thierry Bigaignon Gallery), Alice Guittard (Double V  Gallery), Louis-Cyprien Rials (Eric Mouchet Gallery), Maya Rochat (Seen Fifteen Gallery), Daniel Shea (Webber Gallery), Thomas Sauvin et Kensuke Koike, Ruth Van Beek (The Ravestijn Gallery). 

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