Alvar Aalto. Architect and designer

In company of Curator Stéphanie Quantin-Biancalani

The Alvar Aalto exhibition proposes a new look at the work of the most famous Finnish architect and designer.

Baptised as the “Wizard of the North” by the architecture critic Sigfried Giedion, Alvar Aalto brought human touch into modernism. His work, which is closely related to nature and to Finnish landscapes, finds here a new genesis through the works of other artists of his time, including László Moholy-Nagy, John Arp, Alexander Calder and Fernand Léger. Strongly influenced by visual arts, photography and cinema, Aalto’s production combines volumes, materials and lights, which results in an unforseen synthesis : harmonious and unitary, transforming the space into a new landscape for the modern man.

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